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Advanced Lipid Testing

Scott Lafferty, MD -  - Family Medicine Physician

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Scott Lafferty, MD

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High cholesterol and other lipid imbalances are common causes of heart problems and other chronic diseases, which is why early detection and treatment are vital to maintaining superior health. At Lafferty Family Care in Bentonville, Arkansas, Dr. Scott Lafferty offers advanced lipid testing to evaluate your risk of a heart attack and other severe medical problems. Call the office to schedule an evaluation, or use the online booking feature today.


Advanced Lipid Testing Q & A

What is advanced lipid testing?

Advanced lipid testing at Lafferty Family Care uses specific metabolic markers to assess your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Dr. Lafferty provides various blood tests that can detect possible problems before they cause severe or life-threatening complications. Dr. Lafferty has many years of experience and is highly trained in heart attack prevention.

What does advanced lipid testing consist of?

Dr. Lafferty uses the following advanced metabolic markers to assess your risk of a heart attack, other heart issues, or a stroke:

  • Low-density lipoprotein (LDL)
  • High-density lipoprotein (HDL)
  • Very low-density lipoprotein (VLDL)
  • Other lipoproteins
  • C-reactive protein
  • Fibrinogen 
  • Vitamin D
  • Peptides
  • Insulin
  • Homocysteine 

When not within a normal range, these markers may indicate an increased risk of a health issue. 

Advanced lipid testing is an in-depth assessment that helps detect disease risk factors, even if you’ve recently had a normal traditional cholesterol panel. 

Is advanced lipid testing right for me?

Dr. Lafferty determines if you’re a candidate for advanced lipid testing based on your age, family history, and whether you have additional risk factors. He reviews your lifestyle habits, checks your blood pressure and other vital signs, and completes a physical exam.

What should I expect during advanced lipid testing?

Lipid testing involves simple blood tests. Your provider cleans your skin and gently inserts a needle into one of your veins to obtain a sample of blood. They send the sample to a lab, and as soon as Dr. Lafferty receives the results, he reviews when with you and lets you know the next best steps.

If there are abnormalities in your advanced lipid profile, he may recommend making diet or exercise changes, trying medically supervised weight loss, taking medications or dietary supplements, seeing a specialist, undergoing a medical procedure, or utilizing more than one treatment to significantly diminish your chance of a heart attack or stroke. 

How often do I need advanced lipid testing?

Depending on your unique situation and diagnosis, Dr. Lafferty may suggest advanced lipid testing every few years or more often. He follows up with you regularly to assess disease risk factors and maximize your overall health, wellness, and quality of life. 

Call the Lafferty Family Care office to learn more about advanced lipid testing, or use the online booking feature today.