5 Tips for Strengthening Your Immune System

Talk of immunity has never been more prevalent as our nation faces a global pandemic caused by COVID-19 — a virus that attacks the respiratory system. While having a healthy immune system can go a long way toward fighting off these types of viral infections, a strong immune system helps protect you on a daily basis against any number of foreign invaders that can cause your body harm.

At Lafferty Family Care, Dr. Scott Lafferty and our team want to ensure that our patients have the tools they need for long-term health and wellness — and that starts with a strong immune system.

To that end, here are five tips that will help strengthen your immune system.

1. Reduce stress

Medical researchers have long understood the relationship between high stress levels and your health, and this includes your immune system. While the exact mechanisms behind the effects of stress on your immune system remain unclear, studies have shown that stress can promote inflammation and suppress your immune response.

To de-stress, we recommend that you try the following:

Ultimately, any activity that encourages you to be present (not worrying about things in the past or future) and that promotes the flow of oxygen throughout your body can do your body a world of good.

2. Get your sleep

The benefits of good, restorative sleep are almost without limits, and this includes the health of your immune system. When you sleep, your body can tend to itself without interruption. If you’ve ever wondered why you sleep more when you have a cold or the flu, it’s because your body needs this time to focus its energies on fighting off the infection.

3. Boost your antioxidants

Your body contains two types of molecules called antioxidants and free radicals and works best when there’s a balance between the two. Antioxidants work to stabilize free radicals, which can cause damage in your body if left unchecked.

To encourage the right balance, we recommend that you boost your antioxidants, which can easily be done through a diet that emphasizes:

What you eat has an enormous impact on your immune health, so paying close attention to your nutrition is invaluable.

4. Watch your weight

Carrying extra weight stresses your body, including your immune system. For example, being obese can lead to diabetes, which can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to infection and disease.

In reality, there’s very little that losing weight can’t help when it comes to your health, which is why we offer medically supervised weight-loss programs.

5. Take the right supplements

The world of supplements can be overwhelming, so we urge you to consult with us to figure out where your body can use a boost in vitamins and minerals. When it comes to your immune system, many people believe that flooding your body with vitamin C will do the trick. The fact is that your immune system benefits from a wide range of nutrients, and we can help you figure out which ones will serve you best and point you toward the supplements that deliver.

If you’d like to learn more about strengthening your immune system, please don’t hesitate to contact our office in Bentonville, Arkansas.

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