Popular Uses for SculpSure®: Body Contouring Without Surgery

Popular Uses for SculpSure®: Body Contouring Without Surgery

Most of us have our hurdles when it comes to fat – hurdles that resist even the greatest of efforts through diet and exercise. There are many reasons why fat can be so stubborn (more on this in a minute), but no matter where your fat is holding out, the odds are very good that we have a weapon that can fight back.

To help you win the battle of the bulge, Dr. Scott Lafferty and the team here at Lafferty Family Care offer an exciting body-contouring and fat-reduction technology called SculpSure®. Here’s a look at some of the more popular uses of this innovative system.

Why SculpSure is so effective

Before we get into the common target areas for SculpSure, let’s quickly review why this technology is so successful at battling stubborn fat in most areas of your body.

First, diet and exercise are great ways to lose pounds and slim down, but it's impossible for you to direct where your body sheds the fat. With SculpSure, we work around your biology and target your problematic fat cells directly.

Another great advantage of SculpSure is that the technology is noninvasive. With SculpSure, we send laser energy into your fat cells without harming the surface of your skin. These fat cells then absorb the energy, which heats and destroys them.

Since SculpSure is a direct and safe approach to eliminating stubborn pockets of fat, we can use this system almost anywhere on your body. 

The primary SculpSure targets

Our patients come to us with body-contour concerns from head to toe and, in most cases, we can answer the call with SculpSure.

Starting at the top, we use SculpSure to reduce the fat under your chin, or your submental area.

Working our way down the human body, SculpSure can also get rid of fat in your upper arms and, for women, we can also reduce the fat in the area around your chest and back that your bra cuts into.

Far and away the most popular area where people use SculpSure is around their midsections, including their abdomens, buttocks, thighs, flanks, and hips.

SculpSure doesn’t stop there, however, as we can also target those deposits of fat that can settle in above your knees.

As you can see, people can tackle many areas of their bodies to achieve their ideal body shapes.

What SculpSure cannot do

While SculpSure technology is effective and versatile, we do want to take a moment to emphasize that this system is not designed as a weight-loss tool. If you need help on this front, we offer comprehensive weight-loss services.

When you get within your ideal weight range, SculpSure can put the finishing touches on your great efforts.

To find out for yourself how SculpSure can effectively recontour your body, contact our office in Bentonville, Arkansas, to set up your fat-reduction treatments.

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