What are the benefits of Sermorelin?

elderly couple walking in a park

What is Sermorelin?

Sermorelin is a bioidentical peptide that can stimulate a hormone that aids the growth, healing and renewal of all the cells in our bodies. 

What Are the Reported Benefits of Sermorelin?

The following are reported benefits or Sermorelin therapy:

Sermorelin acts as a relief from most age-related health conditions.  As we age, we all wish we could feel and look younger.  Everyone hopes to enjoy life as we did when we were younger, before aging brought on fatigue, frailty, excess weight and other age-related conditions.  Sermorelin cannot reverse the chronological age of your cells, but it can give the appearance and feeling of being younger in most patients who use it correctly under physician supervision.  Sermorelin improves symptoms by enhancing cell regeneration, maintaining healthy tissue throughout the body, and keeping the body functioning at peak performance.  These benefits start within the first few weeks of treatment and increase synergistically with continued therapy.  Full effects are noticed after a “loading” period of 3-6 months, but the greatest results occur 6-12 months after continuous therapy.  Restore your sense of vitality and vigor with Sermorelin.  Call our clinic to schedule your consult.


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